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Sci-fi movie project in need or artist

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Sci-fi movie project in need or artist 
By maxskill on Oct 11, 2006 03:49 PM
My name is Les Fountain
I am now seacrhing for people that wish to join a project and show what they can do. If you are one of those people that have talent but life never gave you the break you needed then here's your chance, this is not for money. This is to show them what you are made of... and if it all works out then maybe your name will get noticed and you will get that respect you should have had all along.

send me an email at maxskill44@hotmail.com or stop by www.fountainriverproductions.com and tell me what it is you would like to add the the project ( new webpage in the works ) MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Something I should explain about this project
This is a low budget project that is just getting started but never the less I have had 'professional' people approach me about working on the project some even offered to work for free as well as it was with the music composer, I had a 'professional' music composer that has worked on projects in Hollywood and had a very good profile he offered to join for free but I did not choose him, I chose Fredrick blom because there was something about the song ‘Invitation’ that moved me, now here’s the thing, that music does not even match the sci-fi movie ( though is would work with my drama story ) and Fred has never scored a movie before ( a few shorts ) but I want the people that join the project to work from the heart, I want people that can give it there all for the love of it because it is those kind of people that have a true a more focused vision
Fred joined to have his name in the credits And so did the 3D artist and that is fine as long as they put their hearts into it.

You see I did not intend for people to even be joining this project at this time, I just put out a few fillers (links) on other websites (3) and was going to just leave them there as a holding place for once I started getting this things ready I did think that maybe I would get one person asking about the project but since I had the link listed on websites that have much more content about other projects that have a lot of stuff to show and had been there in the click for some time, I didn’t think anyone would pay any attention to my little link, The plan was to come back and post updates once I had things moving along and at that time I figured the people would stop by more…….

But as it is many times in life, things don’t go as planned, I had people asking me about the project first thing, they were reading the story on my website and wanting to join------

First making a movie is a lot of work and takes quite some time to complete
Second you will find that I voice my mind about what I want, but that’s the only way to put my vision on the screen and the whole reason I am doing this is because of my vision.
What do I mean by this vision statement you may ask.
I have a talent for bringing out the feel of old school Sci-fi 1950’s to 1980’s but more along the lines of the 1970’s I have wrote a few stories on this that can be found on the website, other people have also noticed that I can do this and started asking me to write more, but there is some things that just can’t be wrote so I figured I would just make a movie, I know what I want but to make a move is a large project and it takes a team effort to pull it off so I had to think about bringing other people in, so you see this is not about the money or fame this is about bringing vision back to the screen and doing it old school but in the end the whole team will have be able to see the same vision in there hearts and want to go after it if they are to play a large role in the movie development
Because in the end it is a team effort and not that of just one man so it will have to be a teams vision that get this thing made since I does not have ‘Hollywood financing’
Now if the movie does well so much the better but if it doesn’t at least it came from the heart.
So if you have what it takes to make a great Sci-Fi movie then here's your chance to join ( and this door will not stay open for long ) 'THE WORLD WITHIN, A TIME WITHOUT'
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