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Fluid texturing

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Fluid texturing 
By EliseuGouveia on Mar 23, 2001 03:52 PM
...and as the gourgeous woman turned to face our hero, Perseu finally understood in horror his mistake as his limbs grew colder as they graduatelly turned into pure granite at the sight of Medusasīs glare . "

Now, this may seem childīs play 4 you, but Iīm rocking my brain to figure how I can texture this skin transformation in Max .

I know it isnīt an avi texture, I know it doesnīt require morpher, my guess is opacity maps fiddling, but how ?

Me and Perseu will be forever gratefull for a solution . :)
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Re: Fluid texturing 
By EliseuGouveia on Jul 05, 2001 02:40 PM
...and the answer is actually so utterly obvious youīll burst into tears with the sheer simplicity of the procedure ; for those of you out there engaged in this or similar challenge, hereīs a simple two-steps "how to" solution :

apply a multi/sub-object or a composite material and vary the visibility of the "top" one between the frames .

Hope this helped save someoneīs life :) , it did save mine (well, sort of) .
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