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help with surface tesselation!

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help with surface tesselation! 
By oompa_l on Sep 07, 2006 09:38 PM
I have created some nurbs surfaces which have double curvature in them and I would like more control over the layout of the mesh, which will represent structural members. I have explored the options at the top level of the Nurbs surface controls but so far i have not found a way to impose a different order on the tesselation other than the controls found in the toop level Nurbs control panel. I want straight grid lines in plan and not curved even though this was the geometry that created the surfaces.

Secondly, does anyone know of a way to explore weaving or other 3D surfaces in a less tedious way than actually modelling every constituent part of a pattern? I would like to explore a building skin constructed like a basket but I would rather not use texture maps, and I want to explore different iterations quickly. Any advice on how to explore the construction of a surface would be greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance
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