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Jobs 3D Modellers - Work From Your Home. ( Romania ).

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Jobs 3D Modellers - Work From Your Home. ( Romania ). 
By Morten Jacobsen on Aug 25, 2006 10:52 AM
FrontLine Software Hires !

1 - 3D Artist for "GFX Manager" position / 2 - 3D seasoned modelers

Required Skills - Basic understanding of 3d game components,
has to be very skilled in at least one 3d software making (max, etc),
interest in racing games preferred but not required.

Employment Type : All employment is part time,
which mean that you can have a 2nd job as well.

Location : Romania / work from Your home.

Specific software Skills Required : 3D Studio Max primarily

Job Description : The "GFX Manager" will have to do the 3d components
of future FrontLine softwares, which include..:(track tiles, cars, various 3d objects),
aided by the 2 seasoned modelers that must have all-round experience in modeling.

We don't look for fine exams or anything like that,
but only for the actual skills & quality in work, which must be of excellent quality.

For further information please contact us at: jobs@frontlinesoft.biz
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By Morten Jacobsen on Aug 26, 2006 09:20 AM
Additional Information..:

We are especially interested in skilled Guys from Romania,
since our Developer Team is located is this Great Country..

Still Jobs to be had, just send a letter of introduction to.


Your letter of introduction will be replied by one of our
very friendly local Romanian Managers.


Morten Jacobsen, Frontline Software Manager..
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reply to Morten Jacobsen 
By brunoismael on Sep 11, 2006 01:01 PM
Hello. My name is Bruno Santos. I live in Portugal. If you look at my links below youŽll see I am up to the task, at least I hope you see that.

These links show you my works:



If you are interested, please tell me more and thank you.
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MojoMediaCIS for hire 
By mojomediacsi on Feb 24, 2009 08:15 AM
Hi Mr. Morten Jacobsen,

My name is Daniel Lin. I am the managing partner & studio head of MojoMedia Creative Services Inc.

We believe we can help you with your modeling needs and our prices are very competitive. Below is a link to our webpage, please feel free to contact me and I am looking forward to our conversation.




Daniel Lin

MojoMedia Creative Services Inc.

Managing Partner/Studio Head


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Jobs 3D Modellers - Work From Your Home 
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