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Outsourcing animation production?

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Outsourcing animation production? 
By freebutterfly on Jul 25, 2006 03:33 AM
Started from 1997, Cartoon International Ltd., a professional production studio, has focused its business in special effects and computer graphics production. It’s located in Shanghai of China but targets to the world market to provide the high-quality post production and computer visual arts, as well as CG animation.

Our service:
1. We provide the service of computer graphics design for video/online games, TV series, movies, architecture and advertisement.
2. Our animation service includes modeling, texture/lighting, animation, special effects and compositing.
3. We provide the service of post production, including computer visual effects as well as offline and online editing and, we are one of the best video/audio studios in China.

Our facilities:
1. Over one-hundred work-stations guarantee us the large-scale of production and cost-effectively achieve various in-house productions;
2. With latest URSA diamond plus Da Vinci operation platform, we can output the HD digital images with stable, accurate and rich color.
3. Offline system consists of edit ® and Avid system and; the online software of Flame®, Smoke® running upon high-powered SGI-Octane 2 graphic work station
4. The wholly digitalized Avitel Switchers and Canare professional wires provide equipments with stable digital and analog communication and loss-free transfer. Two digital Beta cam machines and two Beta cam SP machines and other I/O equipments guarantee the rapid and stable video and audio import and output.

Over nine-year production experience, we are good at handle various projects and provide the professional suggestions to our clients. Well taking into consideration of budget and schedule, we present the projects of high quality.

We look for both cooproduction and outsouring projects. If you have any further questions, would you please contact:
Ms. Sophia Zhu at animationmarket@gmail.com
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