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Need Help!! Creating a Realistic Water Ripple

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Need Help!! Creating a Realistic Water Ripple 
By webhead on Jul 17, 2006 09:58 PM
Hi I'm fairly new to 3d modeling so here is my problem. I am trying to create somewhat realistic water and have a block rise out of the water to create a rippling effect on the water's surface. Is there anyway to do this with a reactor or something? I am using 3D Studio Max 7 so if anyone could please help me out that would be great.

(if you all could be specific in your responses that would be helpful to, I'm new at this after all :D , thanks again)
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By Amit on Jun 28, 2008 03:00 PM
[color=brown:8c5045c5dc]Make a plane with a high no. of poly....Try out modifiers like ripple/wave/noise.Try out the settings and gizmos,u will get to know by yourself.These modifiers are just to fake the effect of the water.
But in case you have got an object suppose ball which falls into the water and then water shows the ripple effect,then you have to work with reactor.Go to REACTOR>CREAT OBJECT>WATER.You have to link the REACTOR WATER to a plane having a high no. of polys. Select the ball Go to REACTOR>CREATE OBJECT>RIGID BODY COLLECTION.Select the ball,then go to REACTOR>OPEN PROPERTY EDITOR.Give proper values as required.
Leave the ball on top of the water.Go to REACTOR>PRIEVIEW ANIMATION.And done.
Go through the REACTOR WINDOW which opens after that.Its a great help if there is any error.

I know am real late to reply but you know I registered only yesterday.These reply is for those who still have a problem.There are various other ways for creating water but this is just one of them I know.Please let me know if I went somewhere wrong in my reply.[/color:8c5045c5dc]
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