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MAX Animators willing to help out..

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MAX Animators willing to help out.. 
By thudo on Jul 13, 2006 02:43 AM
Evening all..

We're looking for skilled 3d people who use 3dsMax v6.x+ and who are good riggers/animators. MAX is needed due to custom bone scripts we use during the animation part. The PC game being worked on is Warhammer40k:Dawn of War.

Models usually range from standard units (2000-2500polys) to unique ones (5-7k polys). Bipeds will likely be done more often although vehicles and buildings will be needed as well.

This is a massive opprotunity and challenge to network with fellow 3d people while working on some *very cool* models and seeing them operating in a real-time environment. If you have a passion for the history and art that which is Warhammer 40,000 then this cannot be missed.

Samples of pre-existing work (from ALL War40k races, factions, and chapters) available upon request!

Contact: thudo@spymac.com or edwin.carter@gmail.com

Thanks everyone!

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