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Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE

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Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By Eclispegs15 on Sep 28, 2001 12:49 PM
Heres the offical press release I got from www.insidecg.com   This is a must-have for any 3d and video game lover!!  

Discreet releases GMax a free game development application
27 September 2001, Posted: 1436hrs GMT

Discreet releases gmax which is a free 3D content creation platform designed to let game enthusiasts create custom art for their favorite titles. It includes many powerful tools including polygon and patch editing, texturing, lighting, and simple keyframe animation.

Intended to be a fully capable 3D level editing, modeling, animation, and texture mapping tool, gmax™ ships with a full suite of professional 3D content and animation features. Discreet approved game developers can publish gmax "game packs", which customize the downloadable version of gmax into a fully featured level editor for supported game titles.


Multi-threaded for superior performance

Support for Discreet's powerful 3ds max™ scripting language MAXScript™

Hardware accelerated viewport graphics support OpenGL, Direct3D, or Heidi®

Individual modifiers, materials, maps, and controllers to help you model, texture and animate your own 3D content
Viewport interaction
Amazingly real WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) viewports to display all the textures and animation you create

Customize your viewports to help you model: Left, Right, Perspective, Top, etc.

2D and 3D snap system—to help you place objects where you want them

Several object alignment tools to help you place, pivot, clone and array your 3D models

Several selection and grouping tools to help you manage your 3D scene
Materials and Mapping
Several texture mapping tools to help you align, rotate, and scale your textures on objects or faces

Vertex colors painting tools

Texture mapping options for spherical, planar, box projections

Direct manipulation of texture vertices with extensive UVW Unwrap tool
Creation and Modeling
Extensive 2D and 3D parametric primitives

Convert 3D objects and primitives to other base geometry types

Modeling tools for splines, polygons, polygonal mesh, and Bezier patches

Polygon modeler with smoothing groups, mapping channels, vertex colors and custom face data

Polygon "proof" tools

MeshSmooth NURMS for organic modeling

Advanced spline-based patch modeling with patch, extrusions, beveling, welding edges, vertices, and more

Soft Selection tools for variably weighted surface control

Patch surface modifiers like Relax, UVW Unwrap, UVW Map, Material, etc and sub-object selection modifier for greater control of the surface properties

Explicit or procedural modeling modes
Fully customizable timeline so you can create animations of any length and complexity

Several controller types to help reduce time and complexity of creating animation

Shaded Bones with a unique squash and stretch ability

Trackview to help advanced animators manage complex animations

The Trackbar can display Audio files for matching up animations with audio

Multiple keyframe animation tools to help you create realistic animation

Basic character creation tools including a 2 limb animation solver, bones system and skinning
Light types include omni, free and target spot, free and target directional

All light types support plug-in shadows, shadow color and density, projected
images, contrast, edge softness, attenuation and decay
Create cameras to visualize your animation

Precise alignment and tracking tools to help you capture the action
Support for powerful 3ds max MAXScript—write custom scripts to customize your user interface and tools

Visual MAXScript, for quickly creating UI elements and layouts for MAXScript

Drag and drop support for MAXScript—add your favorite scripts to your toolbar

MAXScript Macro Recorder records your commands as you create—a great tool to help you learn MAXScript for you future job as an animator
Non-modal workflow: model, texture and animate in one consistent interface

Xrefs—load external references to help manage your assets

Add User Interface elements like sliders, dropdown lists, and buttons

Parameter Wiring connects any parameter from one object to another for cause and effect style animation

Undo and Redo definable in-depth with separate scene and viewport lists

Customizable user interface—customize your environment to suit your taste.
Customize interface elements, colors, custom toolbars, buttons, tool tips, macros, and scripts and quad menus.

Support for Macromedia Flash for complete user interface customization.

Context-sensitive menus for fast workflow
Minimum system requirements
Windows® 2000, or Windows® 98

Intel® or AMD processor at 300 MHz

128MB RAM and 300MB swap space

Graphics card supporting 1024 x 768 x 16-bit color (OpenGL and Direct3D hardware acceleration supported)

Windows-compliant pointing device

CD-ROM drive

Internet Explorer 5.0 (IE 5.5 recommended and available for download)

Macromedia Flash Player (included with the gmax installer)

Go to http://www.discreet.com , click on products, then go to Gmax and dowload away! Why?  Because everybody knows free things are always better! :)~
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By Eclispegs15 on Sep 28, 2001 03:25 PM
Oh crap.  I read the FAQ and its not as great as it sounds(doesnt surprise me......DISCREET).  In order to make a model for a game the game has to be develpoed with a "game pack" that will allow you to export your .gmax files to their file type.  At least thats how I think it works.  you cant even render images :(
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By Koztah3d on Sep 28, 2001 05:24 PM
Kinetix was talkin 'bout releasing something like that even before Discreet bought them- it was sposa be a mega-nerfed version of 3dsmax.
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By ambient-whisper on Sep 29, 2001 07:03 AM
tried the tempest....i am not impressed...even for it being a free product.
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By Koztah3d on Sep 29, 2001 10:04 AM
It isn't really meant for developpers directly ir to impress anyone with any 3d experience- it's meant to make Discreet more money, by suckering companies into licensing the right to make 'game packs' because gamers now have a freeware low-poly modeling app to make their 1337 qu4x0r m0d31s and'll be demanding these game packs- thus, any developper who makes an easily modifiable game, like UT, Quake or Half-Life, and who wants to guarantee a high degree of success and longevity for their product will practically be forced to license Gmax tech.
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By ambient-whisper on Sep 29, 2001 10:16 AM
not impressed
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
By Eclispegs15 on Sep 29, 2001 10:29 AM
I'm  not impressed anymore eather. :(
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Re: Anyone ever got any worse than this...? 
By office on Oct 25, 2010 06:18 AM
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Re: Gmax released!!!  FREEEEEEEE 
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