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3D studio Max Walkthrough @ opinion 
By evo5229 on Jun 21, 2006 02:49 PM
helo guys...im newbiess here....

currently im a student that doing final project on using 3D max8

my project will develop a city or new environment of a one stop car station

which the new city have a race circuit, modify shop, hotel, tower, monorial..and more

so what my lect told me is my project does not have any interective since i just introduce

the environment......i hope that i can add in walkthrough function so users can view

environment by themselve.....so i wan to know that whether 3Dmax can do

walkthrough function or have to use other software???????

one of the function i will add in is users may click on the building for have a closer and

3D view.........hope this will be more interective.......

lastly any suggestion on my project so that it more interective....???

thankss a million for all the forumer,,,, :P
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