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Game modeling 
By HyperAXISZ on Apr 06, 2006 03:54 PM
I've encountered a problem wtih modeling pc game characters... I decided to rough out the form of my 3d model first with 3d cubes resized and rotated to mimic the figure of my character. It looks really great (I'd post a pic, but I don't have it currently on thispc), but now I'm wondering what the next step should be to building the model? The cubes are just used for proportional values and to understand the dimensions and form of my character - so I decided to begin building my character with a box, extruding, moving vertices, etc., which yielded OK results, and then I decided maybe I should start with a six sided cylinder and extrude with that... But there's also the possibility of just taking all of the cubes, grouping them together, welding vertices, and build my actual model out of the cubes I used to rough it out...

What do you guys suggest I do in a situation like this?
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By Neffy on Apr 10, 2006 06:02 AM
Hey there i suggest starting a new model using your previous boxes as referance. You can use both boxes and cylinders below is how i would make a model

I use a method called armour modeling which seems to work well for me. I create the Torso using a box with roughly 6 width and 4 height segments i delete one side of the box and mirror copy it so i only need to make one half (this will work only if your model is symetrical.) For breasts and butts i delete the areas they would be and create half a sphere, shape it and position it then weld it together dividing edges to get enough verticies. Once i have the shape of the torso i delete the areas where the arms, legs and neck joints will be.

I then create a 6 sided cylinder for the arm deleting both caps and extruding the edges and shaping them unill i get to the wrist. Mirror that to get the other arm, the same process applys to the legs. I add all this together and extrude the leg and arm edges untill they connect with the joint holes i cut into the torso then weld the verticies together.

i dont know how to explain modeling the face, hands and feet (it would take awhile) .. i guess just use referance pictures to see how they should look. I hope this is helpfull in someway i dont know what program you are using however. I could be wrong there might be better ways to do it, thats just how i would go about it :)
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