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Can't Move biped - pls help

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Can't Move biped - pls help 
By courtesan on Apr 05, 2006 08:18 AM
Im trying to move a biped with animation on (that I have merged in from another file) to a different place in the scene. It's in freeform mode and it won't move in animate or non-animate mode, using the bip01 or selecting everything. I've tried the biped offset thing and (not sure how it works) but it doesn't move it where I want at all, doesn't seem to relate to how I change it.

Im using 3ds max 7.

Any help appreciated, might be something obvious, bit new to this
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By mr d on Apr 12, 2006 07:30 PM

first select bip01 open motion rollou, check under keyframing tools and dynamics&adaption to make sure body keys and hands\feet not locked.
if not fixed open select objects list see if footsteps node shown, if not under display rollout do and unfreeze\unhide to make it show in the list.select footsteps, and if keys found delete (if keys show here your merged animation is footstep driven even though you are now in freeform mode).
no keys, then select bip01(root node) and delete any keys found, will destroy animations xyz motion but see if this allows you to now move figure,
lastly try resaving animation but on save check box 'save segment' specify frames and leave key perframe checked. save with new name. reload and try again.
still no. lastly try setting up the animation inside of motion flow and export it from there.

good luck mr d
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