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XRef Objects and Memory Usage ??

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XRef Objects and Memory Usage ?? 
By ingoStudio on Jan 10, 2006 07:09 PM
So, little intro. I like and personally use Mental Ray but at work we render with VRay to use VRay Proxy to copy (instance) an object a million times with no more memory usage then memory needed to load only one object. That way you can make a forest with a million trees from only one tree with 400 000 faces and when you render in the memory will be loaded only that one tree not whole forest (memory will become for example from 500MB for a tree to 510MB for whole forest). If you try to copy/instance that tree with out to convert it to VRay Proxy Object and when render begin MAX start loading the trees into memory but when approach about 3000 trees loaded (it’s depend from the faces count) and MAX crash because approach 1.7GB of virtual memory.

So, when MAX8 was become reality was read in “what’s new” (I thing) that XRefs are rewriten from the ground in MAX 8 and two weeks ago I decide to chek if the XRef Objects work like VRay Proxy Objects. I made one sphere with up of details save as max file and import it in new scene like XRef Object. I Instanced (copy) that XRef object till count 1M Xref objects in the scene and start render. I was surprised and so happy to see when it was rendered and the memory usage is no rising (rising just a little bit from 700MB to 710MB).

All was fine till couple of days when I needed to make forest and use XRef Object but saw that memory rise to 2GB and MAX crash. I make exactly the same like two weeks before but XRef Objects dosn't work any more like VRay Proxy.

Any idea why is that? Or in generally are XRef objects (or any else in MAX) work like that? How to accomplish my task, how to render million trees no matter wich render I use?

I can do it with VRay but I like Mental Ray. I notice that MR load into memory only currently rendered bucket(s) but even then in most cases is not enough the scene to be rendered.

Any help will be appreciated. 10x
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