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Rotor 3D Viewer v 1.3

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Rotor 3D Viewer v 1.3 
By rotor on Jan 04, 2006 12:28 AM
[size=18:a5b2403525]Rotor 3D Viewer v1.3 is released![/size:a5b2403525]

The newest version contains the[size=18:a5b2403525] unique feature 3D slideshow[/size:a5b2403525].

Now you can make your 3D presentation with music or with your comments! It is easy and fast. The library with the 3D models, sound samples, textures loading feature, intuitive tool bar and much more are available for you.

:arrow: Download free trial version Rotor 3D Viewer v.1.3

This program can be very useful to you at conferences and seminars, in lessons or presentations. If you are a teacher or scientist, this program will allow you to improve the quality of your lessons and conversations, and will make them more interesting and complete.

If you are a manager, it will help you to sell your products more effectively and make your business more successful because people will be able to view the 3D models and see how it really looks.
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