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Looking for new developers for A free shooter game,

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Looking for new developers for A free shooter game, 
By truecombat on Dec 13, 2005 05:51 PM
Hello all.

The developers of TRUE COMBAT: ELITE, http://www.truecombat.us
are looking for new developers and staff.

TRUE COMBAT: ELITE is A first person shooter mod,
that runs on the enemy territory game engine.
its A beta.
and they dont have the full version yet,

they're looking for experienced game-
and someone who can improve the costimizing system.
and someone who's good with tweaking A game engine.

and dont forget that you have to be innovative, creative,
and you have to be active with TCE's fans and community.

if your intrested for this kind of job,
click this link - http://truecombat.com/forum/index.php
and pm and contact: [color=red:816992e877]Diane[/color:816992e877], [color=red:816992e877]LordOfKaos[/color:816992e877], [color=green:816992e877]Coroner[/color:816992e877].

give them information about yourself,

-your specialty's in game developments ect. ect.
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By vertex3d on Dec 30, 2005 07:48 AM
Hi ..
plz say ur mail address...
my mail add: vertex2000uk@yahoo.com
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