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How to make snowfall in 3D max 7

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How to make snowfall in 3D max 7 
By firepotency on Nov 21, 2005 03:17 AM
Hi , :( :(
I am a newbee in 3d max 7 and literally confused in making a snow fall scene . I tried hard to make soft snow flakes & in the animation to raise the speed of falling flakes with time . I also failed in the attempt where the ground would get white slowly as the snow accumulates on it .I also tried to add tiny glowing streams of light coming out of distant cottages , to add charm to the scene . How can I make it successful ??? Can some pne please help me ????
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snow scene 
By mr d on Nov 22, 2005 05:51 PM

snow: create>particles>snow goto top view and drag out particle field, then raise into position. no easy numbers to list, you just have to adjust till you get look you want.
if unhappy with max snow might try using particle spray and create your own snowflake texture.

snow buildup: some easy ways
1: create two textures, one non snow one snow. in material editor with animate on,
startout with non snow texture assigned got to later frame and assign snow texture.
might add displace or bump map and animate over time to raise ground as if accumulation is occuring.

2: create two pieces of ground, one non one snow. start with snow ground below non, and animate to raise up overtime.

3: light glow: create a spot light and position to target out desired window. pick light
modify>atmospherica and effects. add volume light and hit setup. adjust parameters
my wish to add a little enviormental fog, render>enviorment> atmosphere add fog

no set numbers for this is the best snow or fog, you just ahve to sit there and adjust the numbers and sliders till you get effect your looking for

good luck

mr d
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