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Seeking Pre-Vis Team

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Seeking Pre-Vis Team 
By Jonathan_McEnroe on Nov 01, 2005 09:54 PM
Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone would like to help as a pre-vis artist on our film production Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi. I have attached a few images for you to have a look at the conceptual design of the film to see the vision which we are developing for the film :)

Your help would be greatly appreciated and you will be credited for your work and also the film will be seen by millions across the world online :)

On the website which we are developing offline just now, each artist will have their own section and Bio plus contact details for employer purposes which I will help get the attention for ;)

Well, if anyone is interested please feel free to get back to me, I look forward to any replies and interest in the project.

Thank you :)

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By Zion Art on Apr 06, 2006 04:05 PM
The screenhots cought my interest and... admiration... So I'd be glad to haelp, if it's not too late already... :) We could talk through this forum or yahoo messenger. ID: vampiressae
Good work (shots), guys!
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