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Help me!....How to model 2D characters in 3Ds MAX

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Help me!....How to model 2D characters in 3Ds MAX 
By juno_calsado on Oct 21, 2005 03:41 PM
:? ....Can anybody help me or give me a hint on how to model 2D characters in 3Ds max..
You know, I've just study this program in about one and a half year and I'm just wanting to know more.
My problem is that, I can't decide on which part to start!
Is it by the use of surface modifier?, polygon, NURB,or what?
:? I can't figure out on which part to start
Any advise from you is a great thing to me, I longed to handle such program for it lets me give everybody a hint of my expression!!

So...Pls send me some techniques on how to manage this problem!!!!
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By fusion of elements on Oct 25, 2005 07:45 AM
Im not really sure if your question is correct... you want to model in 2D???

The whole point of Max is that it is 3D, not 2D!

However, if I assume that you are talking about generating 'characters', I would suggest starting with splines to outline the body parts from the front and left views (or scan in a sketch to trace from). You then block in these parts using box modelling techniques. Start with a box with 3 segs and apply the 'Edit Poly' modifer. From here, use the various sub-objects to generate the shape of your character. Also look at using the 'turbosmooth' modifier to add some detail to your geometry.

Nurbs are great for modelling character heads and things, but will only have to be turned to a poly or mesh state when rigging or animating. (I rarely use nurbs)

If using splines, scrap the surface modifier and apply an 'Edit Patch' modifier instead, as this will give you far greater control over your surface. Again, this will have to be dropped to a poly or mesh state at some point.
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