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5.1 Does not render anti-alias against background???

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5.1 Does not render anti-alias against background??? 
By buttle on Oct 15, 2005 12:17 AM
I have set Preferences/Render to anti-alias ON
I have set Render Dialog/Anti-alias ON

Every format (BMP, TIF, JPG) renders with smoothe anti-aliased edges against
background... EXCEPT BLEEDin .TGAs???
It even displays correctly in the Virtual Frame Buffer but the same file
saved to disc is rough edged alias.
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By fusion of elements on Oct 17, 2005 07:34 AM
I presume that the problem is to do with the way you are saving out the TGA.

Try playing with the 'premultiplied alpha' check box on the save TGA dialog box. TGAs can produce two types of alpha channels... one with premulitplied alpha where each of the RGB components of the image are premulitiplied against the alpha component, and a non-premulitiplied alpha where the RGB components have not been premulitiplied.

For example... a JPG which does not contain an alpha chanel = (R, G, B)
A NON-premultiplied TGA with an alpha channel = (R, G, B, a)
A Pre-multiplied TGA with alpha channel = (aR, aG, aB, a)

I think it 'may' be the premultiplication or non-premultiplication that could be causing your problems - this would explain why the image looks ok in the VFB and why its fine for other (premultiplied image formats)
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