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Welcom to my new website, 3d assets inventory.

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Welcom to my new website, 3d assets inventory. 
By 3d-assets on Oct 08, 2005 04:15 AM
We have been planing a 3d inventory website for over three years and it is now ready, it is an info page of our work in progress, documenting natural world into virtual reality.

These quality Model Templates are meant for all level artists in low & medium resolutions complete with optimized UVmap, neutral topology and the most affordable 3d contents ever, they are available to selected webstore soon.

Please visit:www.3d-assets.info for more details.
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By 3d-assets on Dec 07, 2005 03:22 PM
We have received some requests to offer the bump map rather than just color map.
So, we have decided to do even better, not only we include two texturemaps, its in 1024x1024 instead of 512x512.

Free TRex modle in obl: http://www.free3dassets.com/
Mery chirstmas. Thank you for the support.
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