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Help with Morph Angle Deformers

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Help with Morph Angle Deformers 
By cschandramouli on Jul 15, 2005 06:02 PM
Hi All!

I’ve been following a tutorial from Barrett Fox’s book "3DS MAX 6 ANIMATION", on Morph angle deformer and couldn’t just get it right. Can somebody help me out? I’ve listed below the steps that I followed:

1. Clicked ‘Toggle Set Key’ button

2. Moved the time slider to frame 24, moved the hand control above the head, where the bulge of the shoulder needs to be adjusted and clicked on the ‘Set Keys’ button

3. Clicked ‘Toggle Set Key’ button again to come out of it and moved the time slider back to zero.

4. Selected the body mesh and added an ‘Edit Mesh’ Modifier.

5. Sculpted the shoulder area.

6. Went back to Envelope Sub-object mode… Selected the vertices of the shoulder area and also the envelope of the upper arm…

7. In Gizmos rollout, chose Morph Angle Deformer and clicked on Add Gizmo button, which created an entry in the list box and also a ‘Base Morph’ entry in the ‘Deformer Parameters’ rollout, followed by an angle value.

So far, so good.

8. Moved the time slider to frame 24 and clicked Add from Stack button.

Here's the problem I faced. I got the Stack Morph Angle Entry in the Deformer Parameters rollout, butI see no bulge in the shoulder area if I remove the editable mesh. I don't see twice the bulge in the area as it should be...

I know I’m doing something wrong in between the steps but couldn’t just figure out what it is. Any experts out there, please help me out. Thanks in advance…

I have many projects pending which could be speedened with this technique. I’d appreciate a sooner help too…
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