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Image request: artist needed.

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Image request: artist needed. 
By lord_harvey on Jun 09, 2005 04:50 PM

Im looking for a great artist who could help me out by making me a great banner, and after viewing the work that people here hace produced it looks like ive come to the right place.

Im looking for a great artist who could make me a banner for my website.
The theme is
(all other thing that you would expect to go with these)

Here is a ruff ( :shock: ) example of the type of layout im looking for

(i did it in like 10 seconds on paint, but its just a layout plan)

The banner should be 760 pixels wide and 147 pixels high

Im looking for the banner to have a sort of bold style text for the name
The title of my website is "RuneKingdom"
(a good example of this is the banner found a www.runehq.com )

I would also like a picture of a knight routhly in the middle wearing a suit of armour
with possible a sword sticking up of something.

I would also like a castle to the right. it would be cool if it looked like the castle was in the distance so that it dosent make the knight look huge.

i would like the background to be something like green hills, or a mountain range, also the castle image should be set to look like part of the background.

The sort of image style i am looking for is displayed below.

(ignore the text)

If you think this sounds like your kind of project nad you would be interested in undertaking it feel free to e-mail me lord_harvey@runekingdom.com

I no this is alot to ask, but i am no artist myself and i really like the work that i see here. lots of potential.

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By koonak on Apr 24, 2007 02:09 AM
Your email didn't work. Do you still need a banner?
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