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Where to go for newbie questions 3DS Max 7

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Where to go for newbie questions 3DS Max 7 
By holiday on May 04, 2005 11:40 PM
I don't know if this is the right forum or site for my questions. I am learning 3DS MAX 7 now privatly at home with the 3DS MAX 7 Bible. I am simply looking for forum where I can post questions I may have when they arise.

If I have found such forum here then I will ask:

Chapter 9 of 3DS MAX 7 Bible has a tutorial where you can link an airplane to a dummy object, then hit the Autokey->goto frame 100->selct and rotate the dummy object->which rotates the plane around the dummy object (the dummy object is actually center a globe representing earth, the idea is to make the plane go around the globe)->then play animation and voila plane going around the world.

My problem is that in the final animation the plane instead of encircling the dummy object (and globe for that matter) it does instead a few loop to loop. So the plane rotates around it's own center point...apparently. I figure I did something wrong in the select and rotate of the dummy object, though when I did the original transform the plane did move to encircle the dummy object.

Anyhow I do not wish to post newbie learning questions in the wrong forum so any help in direction is appreciated.
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