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By triple_s on May 04, 2005 04:49 AM
i'm having problems for doing water effect in 3ds max, is there anyway to make out
a real water in max, or need others plug-in?? :roll:
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By ziad on May 25, 2005 06:58 PM
i think you r
not pro
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By cbamber85 on Jun 15, 2005 07:23 PM
First of all in 3D there are effectively 2 types of water: a water surface (sea, swimming pool, sink, etc.) and water spray (water coming out of a hose pipe for example). A water surface is as you've probably guessed is a plane that has special ways of reacting with its environment, for this the use the Water tool from the reactor toolbar (on the left hand side, theres also a decent help file within 3ds' help file). For spraying water use a particle system called superspray set to metaparticles, this creates a flow of particles that can stick to together to create a water-like effect.

Both these techniques are difficult to get realistic and take some practice, so use the help file.
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By fusion of elements on Jun 24, 2005 08:14 AM
cbamer85's post is one way to go, but if reactor and particle effects are too complex for you, try the following.

Create a plane with a large number of faces (100s of length and width segs) and add a noise modifier and the water material from Max's raytrace library.

To take this a little further, you could animate the noise modifier to make the water surface move over time.

To take it further still, use animated, layered noise maps in the water material's bump channel. The overall bump map could be instanced to a displacement modifier instead of the noise modifier.

*Tip: turn the transparency off in the water material and add one of Max's sky maps to the environment channel to speed things up and make it look a bit better.

If the above doesnt get high enough quality results, then you may have to go down the particle and reactor routes
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