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Adventure Game Company looking for Animator

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Adventure Game Company looking for Animator 
By Futo on Apr 23, 2005 10:57 PM
Hi Animators

Would you like to get in on the ground floor in a new adventure game company?
We are a new, small gaming company dedicated to creating fun, educational, non-violent adventure games for children of all ages. We are called Jumpng Bean Studios.

We are an international team of skilled artists, 3D modelers, writers, musicians and computer programmers who are presently seeking a talented 3D character animator.

We are looking for an animator who can do Veggietale quality work- no arms or legs, just bouncing, lip sync and emotional expression. If you are not familiar with Veggietales just go to this site and play the movie clips.


For the right person we are willing to offer them a percentage of the profits in the company as an equal partner. But far more important than the money, we are looking for someone who enjoys the work and can work within a team environment. This is not a full time or even a part time job, but should be appoached as a hobby at first and a way to express your creativity and work with others to produce a product that you can believe in.

We are all hoping that our work will be well received and that we will be able to all do this full time one day.

You should be willing to do your work on 3D Studio Max or software that can be loaded into Max.

If you are interested in learning more please email me at futographer@cox.net.

I would like to see maybe some short avi's of some of your best lip sync work and emotional expression..

Thank you for your attention...


Patrick Ellis
Artistic Director
Jumping Bean Studios
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