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Desperate doin a spiral

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Desperate doin a spiral 
By Meerah on Mar 09, 2005 12:03 AM
Hi all,
I am willing to create a spiral. I made a tube and then tried to bend it but without any success. I would like to bend that tube into the shape of spiral (like letter "S")..I am quite a newbie in lightwave so this problem scares me a lot..can anyone help me please ? After I do that a need to split that damn thing into a half ("u" profile) and would like to ratate that around tubeīs inner axis about 180 degrees ...I am willing to achieve an effect of a coated tube..where the coat slips and reveals streaming liquid...any help would be appreciated...thanx
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By MmAaXx on Apr 01, 2005 11:25 AM
Can Yuo try to move the pivot and next use "bend " modifier......Maybe.....
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By showme on Apr 11, 2005 10:10 AM
I think the best way to create spirial is to make spiral spline and then "rail extrude" a disc.
first the spline:
create a point, letīs say 1 meter +X. then choose the "clone tool" ( shortcut "c" in lw8).
for a three round spiral with 24 sides each round set the number of clones to 71 ( 71 + the one you have created). set the y-offset to 0.2 or 0.1 m (depends on the height of your spiral. 0.1 m brings your spiral to a height of 0.72 meters). set the "H" parameter to 15° degree (360 / 24 sides) then press ok. in point mode select one point after another from bottom to top. if all points selected press "strg p" or choose "create spline" form menue. in a another layer create a disc and place it in a 90° degree angel to the startpoint of your spline ( like a "T"). then choose from the "multply" Tab the "rail extrude" tool, choose "uniform knots", enter your 72 sides and make shure that "oriented" is checked. press ok and you have your spiral.

hope this will help
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