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How to model a mouth with teeth for a robot? To animate it

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How to model a mouth with teeth for a robot? To animate it 
By chinese_lover on Mar 08, 2005 05:50 AM

I am working on robot close to what i have on these 2 links. I am wanting to know how to get the mouth and teeth made on the face? I want to animate the mouth also. How would i build the mouth so it will animate also?
2 examples what im looking for
Here are 2 images of the robot i am working on at the moment. I know the face isnt great looking. I am still working out the shape and such. I just need a idea how to get the mouth with teeth. I was thinking maybe to extrude and bevel it in? I tried it but didnt look so good to me. After i smoothed out the face.
If any one can help me with this. I would be so greatful.
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By chinese_lover on Mar 08, 2005 06:40 AM
ok update to add to this post
Ok here is 2 screen shots of it in 3ds max.
1 image is subdivision surface turned on to smooth it out.
The other is with it off and all blocky looking.
If this mite help.
You guys think the shape is ok looking on the face?
After it is smoothed out.
Should i make the eyeballs bigger?
let me know something,
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By vertex3d on Mar 19, 2005 06:37 AM
ok your robot is very simple ... u can use mesh smooth modifier and take upper segment for your cylinder....
take care
hani mohammadi --- vertex@yahoo.com
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