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Texture Artists & Character Modellers Needed

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Texture Artists & Character Modellers Needed 
By M&M on Mar 03, 2005 01:02 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am part of an indie games development team called Blueprint Games which has been working on a game called Midnight manhattan for over 6 months.

Midnight Manhattan is a mix between action and RPG (Role-Playing Game) that takes place in a close rendition of Manhattan, New York during a very high-strung inner-city gang war. In this game you will play as an individual caught up between the wars, attempting to maneuver your way to the top. Whether this is done by making alliances, breaking alliances, or attempting to go solo, it will certainly prove difficult to accomplish your goals without plentiful interactions among the various gangs affiliated with the war. Your reputation is at stake, but could potentially earn you fame and your own criminal organization.

As said earlier, work on this game has been going for over 6 months, however we are in need of texture artists and character modellers to help propel our progress.

Texture artists:
We are looking for texture artists for 2 different jobs
-Skinning models such as guns, cars....etc
-Making realistic textures of a modern city like atmosphere for our level designers. We are working on a close rendition of the manhattan city, while making the city itself is not quite a tough job, making it look like a real city is proving to be a real challenge.

Character modellers:
We are looking for character modellers to make low poly characters for our game. Knowledge of rigging and animation is not required at the moment but prefered. 3dsmax is prefered.

This project is a non-paid project, although we do intend to publish it commercially, we haven't acquired the support of any publishers or sponsers and thus we cannot provide any type of payment. All work done so far has been volunteer work and our team's main drivers are motivation, experience and the friendly team enviroment.

If you are a like minded indivisual and you are interested in working with us towards a successful project then please email me back with a response. If you have any other questions, please dont refrain from asking.
For an IM chat, you can contact me on the following addresses, i'm usually available on all.

MSN: mondrawy2@hotmail.com
Yahoo: mondrawy
AIM: BPG mondrawy
ICQ: 264504893

If you would like to apply you can use this join form
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By Ronin on Apr 28, 2005 10:12 AM
Hello I'm a modeller. its more of a hobby then anything less. I would like if you could send me a character you would like built. Ill send it back to you when im done. I work in maya. I hope this won't be a problem.
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By M&M on Apr 28, 2005 01:04 PM
Hey, thanks for your interest.
I'll be emailing you soon with the concept art for a character using your forum email. I've also added you to my msn list.
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By harish on Nov 18, 2005 04:27 AM

is there still a need of 3d artist.. if yes may be i can help it out for some work..

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By M&M on Nov 19, 2005 02:41 PM
yes, we're still looking for character modellers and texture artists. I noticed you use yahoo IM so I've added you to my contact list if you don't mind. Please add me to yours so we could discuss things further, my addresses are included in the first post.
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Texture Artists & Character Modellers Needed 
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