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3ds to Iges?

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3ds to Iges? 
By Trifcho on Feb 18, 2005 02:29 PM

Maybe this question has already been posted in the forum, but I will ask it once again, hoping that someone will be able to help me find out what convertor, translator, software or anything else I could use in order to convert 3ds files into Iges.
Here's the problem in details: When I finish modeling an object in 3DStudio Max (r6 , r7) and export it as a 3ds file, I need this object to be transformed as Iges and to be able to include it in a CAD applications as a solid object with good quality. As you can figure it out - the object in the 3ds file is a mesh object with "mesh smooth". 3dsMax has an export to Iges, but it doesn't accept exactly this type of objects ("mesh objects").
I was searching through the net and have found a couple of ways to do what I need. However, they were both not working well. The one was using Okino - PolyTrans, but the object that it has converted was not solid and was composed by too many splains - this made it not very convenient to work with. (These are my first steps in PolyTrans so it is possible that there is some other ways to do that with this software, but I do not know them). The other method I've tried so far is to "collapse" the object inside 3dsmax (respectively, it contained too many polygons), select all the edges and perform "create shape from the edges". After that, I'm using a "surface" modificator on the acquired shape object (this happens very slow since there are too many vertexes) and from this point on - I'm able to export it as iges directly from 3dsmax. The Iges file can be imported, for instance, in Autocad as a solid object, but unfortunately it has a damaged structure, there are no fillets (it's all cut in too many small segments, simulating the radius) and containing too many polygons.
The whole idea is for me to be able to import the object (already modelled in 3dsmax) into CAD applications, so to be able to work with it (assemblies, tolerences, dynamics of the working tools et.) without pre-modelling everything in the CAD product - this means that I need to have the object imported in the CAD application as a solid object with small amount of polygons, vector charachteristics of the vertexes and of course, to meet the topology of the mesh object.
Thank you very, very much for reading this novel :). If you are able to help me - this would be really great! Thanks :)
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By kjr on Oct 06, 2005 05:45 PM
I am having the same problem. Can you tell me any other solutions you have come across since you posted this. I need to know how to convert .3ds, .3dm, or .max files into .igs files.
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By fusion of elements on Oct 10, 2005 08:18 AM
Im afraid I cant offer too much help as im not usually involved in this sort of pipeline, but I thought it might be worth mentioning a couple of things.

1. Does it have to be iges? There is an STL export available as well.

2. Also, not matter what export you use, try adding the 'STL Check' modifer to your object anyway. This will give you feedback to see if its suitable for export. It should check for errors in the faces, open edges, multiple edges etc.

3. I've only played with a few existing CAD files, but the form of the mesh (on import to max) looks very familiar to nurbs. Maybe a nurbs model would export well?

Sorry I cant help more... just a few things to consider
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