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Help needed.. New bie to 3ds max

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Help needed.. New bie to 3ds max 
By pavanbabut on Feb 15, 2005 08:27 PM
Hi all :-) ,

I am a new bie to 3D Studio Max. I want very valuable help and support from you guys on my present work. I am creating a 3D flight simulator. Wht I have to do is to make a 3D model of F16 plane to fly and make some bank angles (like rotation) [not much but a slight banking]. I want to make the plane to fly along a line or most likely to be trajectory path way which i define and i want it to make bank angles where ever i wish and change its display (view) accordingly. For that i think I have to define different views at different positions where ever i want to bank it.

What i have:
A 3D model of F16
3D Studio Max 6 Software installed
Maya Unlimited 4.5 Software installed

What I want to know:
How can i make the plane move along a path i define?
How can i make the plane to make bank angles accordingly where ever i wish (I think i have some idea of defining it by using time slider)?
How can i make a texture to be the background of my scene file?
How can I change the background texture in between the animation (like if i want to induce fog in the pathway, i may want to change the texture.. but i am not sure about this, like how you guys implement)?

Hope you guys will help me on this as soon as possible and also thanks for your help in advance.

Pavan .

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By DarkChilde on Apr 09, 2005 07:43 AM
Path following . . .

create a spline or a nurbs curve that represents the path you want the plane to follow . . . next, select the plane . . . next, go to the motion tab (depicted by a wheel, near to the modifier, creation tabs) . . . next, open the controller rollout . . . next, click on the position controller, then click on the icon with the green arrow (assign controller button) . . . choose path constraint, and press okay. . . then, the panel will change. You'll see a button that says, 'choose path.' Hichlight this button, then click on the spline or nurbs curve representing the path. You may also wish to choose the 'constant velocity' option toward the bottom of this rollout.

About banking . . . there is a bank amount option that is able to be animated. However this can be a bit tricky at first, so just be patient, and you'll be fine.

BG texture . . . take and load the texture into its own slot in the material editor. In the bitmap options, up at the top, you'll see two options . . . one is texture (or object, I forget offhand) and the other is environment. Choose environment. Now, over to the right, you'll have a dropdown list that will have options like scree, cylindrical and shrinkwrap environments . . . choose the type of environment that seems more appropriate. (keep in mind that you can change this later if you wish.) Now go to Render(at the top of the window) and then environments . . . in the material editor, when you go up one level, take the button (on the first page of the material . . . in the maps rolldown) and drag it over to where it says, environmnet map (looks like another button) in the environment window. It will ask you if you want to instance or copy it . . . instance it. This way, if you need to change the material, you can do so in the material editor, and it will change in environments at the same time. You have a background now, but it will only show up when you render.

about the fog . . . seems the best way to do this would be either with particles or with an environmental gizmo . . . like fire or fog. However I'm not too clear on your needs, so I can't tell you for sure.

Hope I was of some use to you.
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