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F-Studio - Vectorization. Raster to vector conv. Translating 
By Spep11 on Feb 01, 2005 12:31 PM
[size=14:6677691ab9] High quality hand vectorization of old drawings on paper. Raster to vector conversion.[/size:6677691ab9]
o The vectorization (digitalization) is fulfilled in AutoCAD
o The results can be saved in DWG, DFX and EPS formats
o All works are made manually, without using the software for auto vectorization.

[size=14:6677691ab9] The development and realization of different kind of technical illustrations:[/size:6677691ab9]
o Drawing, diagrams, technical schemes, graphs, etc (AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks).
o The illustrations are done in vector format and are suitable for using in polygraphy.

[size=14:6677691ab9] Professional translations of drawings and other technical documentation.[/size:6677691ab9]
o Source and target languages: English, Spanish, French and Russian.
o Specialization of translations: machine-building, water-supply, sewerage system, water and gas treatment, food industry, environmental protection, chemistry, microbiology, electrical equipment and instrumentation.

All additional information you can find on web site
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By Spep11 on Mar 28, 2007 07:48 AM
Very good service. Professional works.
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