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Standard for modeling... if there is one?

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Standard for modeling... if there is one? 
By HyperAXISZ on Jan 11, 2005 12:10 AM
Hey everyone,
I'm new here :D . I've been into 3d modeling for about a little over a year now. I have a very important question though that can help me a lot:

Is there some universal approach to modeling anything effectively?

Say I wanted to model a lizard, a human, and a calculator. They're all basically different objects, but is there some specific technique that can be utilized to model all three of them? I was thinking along the lines of box modeling, spline modeling, etc., only more specific (eg., load an image of your reference object as the background, start with a cube, divide, extrude, move vertices, etc.). I can't seem to find any tutorials that cover an effective approach to modeling anything.

I was thinking box modeling would do the trick (for modeling characters and simpler objects, at least), but what does everybody else recommend?
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By Elrond on Jan 27, 2005 03:48 PM
box modeling - use extrude, bevel, and scale...then meshSmooth it if needed...
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By fusion of elements on Feb 08, 2005 01:48 PM
There is no universal approach to modelling anything and there shouldnt be!

As a 3D artist / modeller, you should be developing a well rounded skill set, so that you can call on box modelling, primitive and modifier modelling, spline cage modelling and nurbs modelling as and when required. You should also be developing skills in other software so that you can call on that skill set if required.

Each and every project will require a different approach and I can promise you that you will not be able to achieve good results by box modelling alone.

For example... how would you box model a particle system? future games consoles are to support nurbs, so how would you box model a nurbs object? how would you box model millimeter accurate models for STL production when meshsmooth only approximates? - it cant be done.

What you are saying, is similar to "what is the best method for building a house? do I use bricks or wood or concrete?" - you need to use them all to make a good, solid house. Sure you could just use one, but there would be lots of sacrifices and compromises. You shouldnt be doing that.

If I were to model a lizard, human and calculater, I would do the following:

High Poly Lizard = model in ZBrush
Low Poly Lizard = model in ZBrush

High Poly Human = model in ZBrush
Low Poly Human = model in ZBrush
Low Poly Human for current Games = Basic shape in Zbrush and Box model in Max
Low Poly Human for future Games = Nurbs in Max

Calculator = Spline / Box model in Max

Hope this helps
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