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UV Mapping from the axies only

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UV Mapping from the axies only 
By fireslave on Nov 24, 2004 05:56 AM
Im trying to UV map a model i did (the one in my sig) I want to apply the map only from the axis'

EX. select all the faces i want (by hand) on the left side, and UV map 'em so that the texture is applied from the side, 90 degrees.

All i can do in wings is have it use the face normal, and i dont want that. If i do that i can render a high ploy to make the textures, unless i line the camera up with every single normal of every single group.

Basically all i need is 6 texture directions

Up, down, north ,east, south, west...
Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front, Back
Y, -Y, Z, -Z, X, -X

whatever you wanna call 'em

Im sick of wings giving me wierd angles that i have to stretch and twist the crap out of my textures in-order to use...

BTW. If you reffer me to a program, it should be able to do.obj format. And be free.

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