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Tear Off Shelf/Floating Window?

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Tear Off Shelf/Floating Window? 
By starlincz on Oct 23, 2004 11:09 PM
I would like to create a tear off shelf or floating window with tools I use regularly. I currently have a downloaded mel (TJBottons.mel) which is a floating window with tabs for various tools preinstalled and a user tab where I can drag tools. It opens fine but when I close Maya and reopen the tools I placed on the shelf are gone.The original script tjbuttons is in my user/library/alias/preferences/scripts folder.

The preferred alternative would be to create a new tear off shelf or floating window with only the tools I place on it which would be reopenable through a shelf button. I can create a new Maya shelf with my tools on it but I don't know how to tear it off so it is within a floating window.

My purpose is to create a floating window which I can position anywhere it is convenient, as I use 2 monitors and keep having to return to my main screen to access new tools.

I am using mac os 10,3,5 and maya unlimited 6.1

Appreciate help from any of you maya gurus out there.
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By Mikademius on Mar 30, 2005 12:43 PM
I can probably help you out. You can build your own tool. A window with buttons that execute the commands you want to do. It can be done with MEL. If you want a drag- drop system, I can't help you out. If that will cut it for you I'll try to get some time writing it. Shall we?
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