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PAX, Join the Battle 
By paxfounder on Oct 22, 2004 09:11 PM
Hello everyone,

My name is Sam and I am the project lead of a Farcry Mod called Pax.

Pax is set in 2032, a world organization called the Global Alliance controls and protects the world from the terror of the world. But in this world there is a growing army that believes that the only way for world piece is a dictator, the Aryan Acendancy.

The Aryan Acendancy is a new rise of a neo nazism beliefing of a equal race will only balance the world. Using cloning abilities that were banned back in 2015 due too religiouse reasons, they were able to create an army able to oppose the global alliance.

You pick your side, you decide who will be the next Pax of the world.

We are always looking for people who would love to be part of this experience, there is no pay in being part of a mod team, but the experience and the fact knowing that you helped create a game that thousands of people enjoy everyday is more rewarding. I have been the lead of this mod for a long time, and everyday i love turning on the comp and talking to my fellow team members and getting the next task done.

So if you are interested in joining up, or perhaps need to know a little more. Feel free to email me a paxfounder@hotmail.com

I will love to answer all of your questions.

Thanks for your time,

Sam/ Pax-Project Lead
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