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Fight for Victory Mod is Recruiting!

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Fight for Victory Mod is Recruiting! 
By FFV Alwin on Oct 17, 2004 09:31 PM
Hi All

Ok, Alwin is the name and I'm the mod leader of Fight for Victory mod.

FFV mod is looking for a Character Artist

Max. Polygon count of the player model! 8)
8000 - 10000

And a Weapon Artist

The mod is for the game Battlefield 2

Are mod will be first for Battlefield Vietnam but now for Battlefield 2

about :

Fight for Victory is a mod for Battlefield 2 which takes place in the Second World War. But this time you don`t fight in the large battles from the history such as El Alamein, Omaha Beach or Stalingrad. No, you fight with your comrades in the Dutch Army or at the German side.
The scenarios in which you will play are divided around the whole country. From liberating a comrade to defending an important point. In Fight for Victory everything is about realism.
And in the next version's there will be the Dutch Resistance and more Countrys

Website: www.ffv.bfworld.net
(we are now working on the website , new layout , info and more)

Please contact me: AlwinOldenhuis@hotmail.com

Note: this is a nonpaying position :wink:

Alwin :D
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By FFV Alwin on Oct 19, 2004 07:10 PM
Someone? :)
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