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bump maps in radiosity?

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bump maps in radiosity? 
By am-i on Oct 07, 2004 12:58 AM
whenever i use a material which has both bump and texture maps it seems to go all funny after i put it through radiosity... it kinda looks like a raytrace b4 u apply a super sampler (ie not antialias..i think)??

ooh... another question.. Does Ne 1 know how to render a file so that the background is transparent, so that i may edit it in After effects, and not have to key or screen out a colour?
i am trying to get a wire frame rendering of just the site model... onto the animation of the building.. which is rendered as solid (radiosity).

help would be much appreciated. :D
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By fusion of elements on Oct 07, 2004 08:59 AM
Im afraid I cant help much on the radiosity front as I hardly ever use it... my only suggestion would be to use the 'architectural' materials found in max as these are designed specificaly for Radiosity rendering... perhaps the bump maps in these materials work better? - only a suggestion

As for making your background transparent... you need to output in an image format that supports Alpha Channels... like a .TIF for example... make sure 'save alpha' is checked in the settings dialog after you select an output filename.

Hope this helps : )
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