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animation question

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animation question 
By liquid_h on Sep 29, 2004 01:24 PM
Hello fellow artists

does anyone know if it is possile to convert an animation in 3ds max6 to swf animation that can be ysed in flash, i think swf is vector based and i know there are 3d animations in swf and im wonderin if 3ds max can make em some how?

thanks for reading my question even if u dont have the answer
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By fusion of elements on Sep 30, 2004 07:56 AM
swf files are created using macromedia Flash (which is vector based)....

I am only familiar with macromedia Director (Shockwave), however, the principles with Flash are the same....

You dont actually convert max animations to swf... what you need to do is to create a flash movie using a .mov or .avi animation as a piece of media in the movie. You then publish the movie for web and the animation is included in it.... so you end up having an swf movie with a .mov or .avi animation within it... this is how 'I think' it works... this is how I would do it for shockwave anyway...

All of the above is assuming that you are wanting to use a raster animation in swf... if you were wanting to use a vector animation in swf then try looking to see if there are any vector animation export plugins on the net (I dont know if they exist)... also, try looking at Swift3D for Flash...

Sorry I cant be 100% sure of all this but hope it helps a little
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By fusion of elements on Oct 02, 2004 07:30 PM
Just popped back in here to give you a quick reply...

I came across Swift3D on the net the other day... Swift3D is a plugin for flash and max... it allows you to output max animations and put them into Flash... what it appers to do is to break down each frame into diffuse / shadow / reflection components which are converted into vector artwork and imported into flash... each of these components appears on a seperate layer within flash so that they can be uniquely animated... its gonna cost to buy the plugins though...

Every thought if Studio Max's .w3d director export would do for your needs? Director supports real time rendering and will allow users to interact with your model / animation... this will all export as shockwave for the web. The export comes with Max6
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By liquid_h on Oct 04, 2004 01:08 AM
cheers mate uve been a great help :D
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