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where the easyer way to movies 3d

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where the easyer way to movies 3d 
By abrintod on Sep 19, 2004 12:30 PM
I care about your suggestion and advice because you are well acquainted
with 3d soft wares
I was an oracle programmer for 3 years
I am completely new to 3d world but I have I high imagination and architectural can design and style and 3dís draws by hand
and I wont to be an learn animation graphics in cinematographic quality and powerful realistic Ö
intrusting on animation of architectural and styles and spaceships cars (like star wars and star truck films) for movies and TV show
and in the future tractors ( like antz story and toy story films)
all in one program
I know itís long track but I am hard worker and having hi imagination
after visiting a lot of modeling and animation graphic forums I found that all of these software
max 7.
Maya ,
light wave ,
Softimage ,
animation master

all can do it

* all of the 3d software is semi-completive
* and the quality of the output depend on the user control and imagination too

but I am at a loss as to which program to choose to get what I want.

Because I know someone was Riyadh starting in max (because it easy to handle) before 4 years in he shocked that that max(before 4 years) not good enough to high-end animation
And about other one was close out if his mind because pixar too difficult to handle Here in the middle east is difficult to find all these programs and books and professional to test and ask

Which of these is generally powerful realistic which can make the same quality of movies Ö.but more smooth and easy to handle in same time
A software can (small or medium active company depend on it )
And what that short and direct way to handle 3d software u suggest

Please give me your advice about your experience with the prose and cons ?

Tariq hasan
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