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Awesome Opportunity_Must Share!!!

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Awesome Opportunity_Must Share!!! 
By Elrond56 on Sep 16, 2004 02:36 AM
.. . . just thought i would pass this along! i guess this has been going on for awhile but has just had 'new life' breathed into it .[size=24:5cb7bb49f8][color=red:5cb7bb49f8] 30 Animators/Teams will be chosen to win $10,000!!! and a licensed copy of 3D Studio MAX . . . and a growing list of plug-ins . . . and for each selected indivivual to share in the movie profits!!![/color:5cb7bb49f8][/size:5cb7bb49f8]

[size=18:5cb7bb49f8]Go to www.3dgap.com for the details. [/size:5cb7bb49f8]

You have a great deal of creative freedom to create your own animation short and the exposure and opportunities that could develop are obvious. Everyone has at least on story to tell or knows someone that they could team up with. I've already put a team together re-purposed a story that i have wanted to tell and am working on my submission. One of the exciting parts of this project (aside from the above) is the chance to collaborate with artist and animators from around the world! One of my team members, and new friend, is from Sicily (I'm from the US!).

as you can tell I'm on fire about this! and figure that part of the success of this depends on getting as many enthusiastic and passionate individuals involved as possible . . . so rather than keeping this to myself I'm spreading the good news!!!

best of luck

animate on!

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By Elrond56 on Sep 20, 2004 01:51 AM
don't usually reply to my own message but after i posted this on this site and a couple other MAX sites i got some angry replies that 'this' was spam and then to make matters worse the 3dgap site was upgrading their server and no one could download an application!

well it's not spam! just a fellow artist/animator trying to share and if anyone is interested in an application or have questions Sterling (the project director) posted this info on 3dcafe:

[color=orange:1cf763cfb5]'I'm sorry the server went down. This happened two hours before maxunderground.com posted a news item. You can imagine the frustration.

Until the website is fully up and running, if you'd like to receive an entry form, email me at apply3Dgap@speakeasy.net, and I'll send it to you personally. You can also email me with any questions that you might have.

I hope you all think about participating in the wondereful project.


Sterling Youngman'[/color:1cf763cfb5]

. . . hope this info helps!

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