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do you need a job? 
By alex111 on Sep 14, 2004 09:06 PM
We are looking for new staff members we aren’t offering any pay at the moment sorry, we are looking for people who will work for the fun of it and the experience and background info to add to your profile if you are interested please email me at Hotboykiller101@aol.com <mailto:Hotboykiller101@aol.com>.


A gamer at heart.
• Excellent C/C++ programming skills. Ability to write solid, robust, and maintainable C++ code (the game will be open GL).
• Education in Computing Science, Engineering or Mathematics Courses and/or experience in computer graphics, animation, numerical methods, linear algebra, vision, and computational intelligence.
• Must have a strong work ethic.
• Desire to work within a strong team environment.
• Programming experience with emphasis on game engineering is a plus.
• Ability to create technical designs that lead to well-structured, quality (clean) , maintainable code.
• Ability to work within scheduled deadlines
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Participate in code reviews.
• Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices.
• Experience in game development will be a great add-on.
• Sound engineer (needed right away)
• 3d Car modeler (needed right away)
• Maintain strong knowledge of innovative game production technologies and the capabilities/limitations of these technologies as they relate to the project goals.
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