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Boolean op. doen´t work

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Boolean op. doen´t work 
By SMikeagol on Sep 06, 2004 01:47 PM
I created a simple logo in 3ds max lately. Now I´m trying to substract it from a box but nothing happens (I´ve already tried everything in the boolean rollout but nothing works)

I tansferred the object to every kind of stuff....editable spline

but it doesn´t have an effect!
It works with every other kind of Object (standard primitives/ text) and more

what is wrong about substracting a self-created object from a box???
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By fusion of elements on Sep 21, 2004 09:47 AM
Booleans can be an arse to work with... they require both of the objects used in the operation to be of similar geometric complexity.... i.e. they must have a similar number of polygons....

Try subdiving the box or changing the steps / iterations / interpolation in your logo object until the two objects have a similar poly count....

Use the poly counter in Utilities > more > polygon counter or simply press 7 to get a poly cont

Hope that helps?
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By SMikeagol on Sep 28, 2004 03:16 PM
I had a close look on the user reference and found out the same thing.
I reduced the polycount of one object, so that the 2 obj. had the same amount of polygons....but the boolean still didn´t work, so I tried it the other way around
(selected the other obj.first and turned the boolean around (B-A instead of A-B) and it was perfect!

so booleans are impossible to conrol I guess.......

thanks anyway(for the shortcut!) :D
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By fusion of elements on Oct 07, 2004 09:07 AM
Just looking over the max forum and thought Id add something to this posting about boolean opperations...

Although impossible to 'completely' control in max, there is a plugin available called 'power booleans' (i think)... this plugin handles booleans a hell of a lot better than max does on its own and is very reliable - worth checking out!

I cant remember the site for it, so you will have to search, but I know there is something like a 30 day free trial of it...

Just thought it was worth mentioning
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