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need a one strong advice

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need a one strong advice 
By abrintod on Aug 30, 2004 01:18 PM
I am following your debate on progs and cons of graphics programs currently in use
I was an oracle programmer With a deep interest in 3d programming witch I have started taking courses recently in saudia-riyadh I feel I am not getting what I really need to advance my self in 3d here wise & instructor wise .
I am confused on to what program in best for me . so please advise me on the following (because I want ed as a career)

1) high quality T.V. ADS
2) Cinematographic special effects
(imaginary building)
(imaginary characters)
3)matching merging real an imaging

but I donít want to shift from on program to another , because no program is perfect 100% so please advise me through which program I can achieve the items mentioned above ,not perfectly , but reasonably well
Maya or 3d Max
With consideration of the following

A)Pros and cons of the two programs with to respect my priorities mentioned above
b)how difficult on the comparably , and degree of difficulty
c) which is easier to master through experience and practice
d) how long I need to master any one of them
e)possibility to handling the above function masterly
f) employability opportunities in the west

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By GoldenZ on Aug 31, 2004 02:09 PM
man !
my advice is Maya ... Maya ...Maya ... Maya ...Maya ... Maya ...Maya ... Maya ...Maya ... Maya ......... and Maya !
and another advice ...
i think no one will answer you here ! so try a different place ...
people here DEAD ! no one say a thing !
so good luck ! :)
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that's good 
By abrintod on Sep 04, 2004 06:32 AM
Thank you very much for your helping the Beginners
I need your advice to my immediately interest is how to restore ruined historical
Building to itís original design ..step by step
In conformity with itís present environment in such way one one roam in side and around it
So the animation I want to related to inanimate things
And to master that some friends said
I have to start first in 3d max for a while after that go to maya
Other said go maya straight away to achieve this


and what about these tools

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By ikHandle on Oct 30, 2004 11:39 PM
if you're looking for a complete package where you can get "under the hood" , I suggest you go for maya, and there are tonnes of good tutorials and resources to find on the internet ...
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By sivakumar.r on Apr 11, 2007 07:28 AM
Hi Abrintod,

I advice you to chosse maya here you can use your programming skills as well. try learning MEL( Maya Embedded Language) This have a demand with in the industry so that you can choose this a a profession as well. Enjoy Learning


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