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Custom pie slice primitive

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Custom pie slice primitive 
By Conceptor on Jul 03, 2004 11:32 PM
Hi all,

I would like to create a special kind of primitive in 3D Studio Max 6.0. I need a special kind of 3D pie slice defined by:

a) an angle (of the circle)
b) starting distance from center point (circle pivot point)
c) ending distance from center point
d) thickness

I need a way to generate easily this special 3D pie slice. I'll try discribing this pie slice another way: imagine two circles one centered within the other (they both have the same center). Now take a pie slice of a given angle from the center of any cercle (say 30 degrees). What I need is the resulting polygon with all the surfaces in 3D (with a certain thickness) defined by two arcs, one within the other, and delimited by a given angle.

My problem is that the 4 variables (a,b,c,d) mentioned earlier will change from one use to another. I need a way to mass produce these blocks of variable dimensions and angle.

I tried to take a cylinder primitive, put it in editable mesh, and extract the required section off. But it takes much effort to fill in the missing polygon surfaces, especially when the arcs are concerned. I also tried using 2 arc splines and apply to both an extrude modifier. It still requires some effort to fill in the missing surfaces.

1) Is there a way that exists that already permits to sculpt within a cylinder primitive without I having to fill in the missing surfaces?
2) Is there a 3D Max plugin that already does what I am trying to do?

Basically, is there a better way to achieve this?

Thanks for your feedback,
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