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Corrupted Save?

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Corrupted Save? 
By wraith3 on Jun 22, 2004 11:26 AM
Hello, II'm a newbie-in-training, working with Maya 4.5. I was working on my last model for several hours when the smooth function stopped responding. Knowing how quirky these things can be, i saved my model and exited maya to try and fix the problem. When i opened the file again, the entire model was gone. Now either i accidentally delete the model right before closing, or my file was corrupted --in any case, i checked the file size, and it's actually big enough to still have all my data sitll there. Is there anyway for me to retrace what i'm hoping is the saved history of the file?

This is probably a rather stupid question in the end, so i really appreciate all the help i can get!! (lol, I want my model back damnit!!)
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