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A shameful request

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A shameful request 
By WolverinE1984 on Jun 15, 2004 05:04 PM
[size=18:02d065efcd]Hello to all 3D artists!!![/size:02d065efcd]
At first I want to apologize for any English mistakes that I make. I also want to apologize for the rude request that I am going to make. :oops:

What I see here is many people who worked hard to achieve the knowledge and experience that they have, and that is why i am really ashamed of myself when i ask for this , but i really have no choice ... so here it goes ....

My good friend learns 3dsmax in a collage (well not only 3dsmax but 3d animation ...)
and she'll finish her course in the 5th of July , that is also the date when she has to give her final project.
so far everything is good ... the problem starts at the point when she was involved in a accident ... now she is in no condition to finish her final project. and that what brings me to my shameful request ... i need someone to post his or her animation in a 3d max file , (meaning *.max ) for me to download ... or send it to me via icq .
I want to use your file , so she can modify it a little and make it her final project .
I will be extremely happy if someone would like to "donate" his or her work for me ...
(any kind of animation will do )
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By WolverinE1984 on Jun 25, 2004 03:50 PM
I see i came to the wrong place ...
i am sorry :(
i will look else where ...
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By chandramouli on Feb 15, 2005 06:36 PM
I don't know if the date is over, but if u still want help, i can help u
just contact me or reply here

what r u looking for?

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