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creating a character from splines (face)

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creating a character from splines (face) 
By xani on Jun 06, 2004 01:07 AM
Hi everyone,

Im a noob at 3d Max and im trying to create astroboy from a digital image i drew in photoshop. Ive startedwith splines, as that is one requirement for a homework assignment i have to complete. Ive created the front image and the size image of his face and imported them into 3d max. Ive created the splines (editible splines) and now trying to manipulate the verticies around so it forms the shape of his head and facial features. Im just having trouble with that at the moment.

Does anyone know of a good tutorial on how to create a face with splines, like what im trying to do? I dont know whether to extrude the faces or move them manually. Its a bit tricky.

Heres what ive done:


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By chandramouli on Feb 14, 2005 03:52 PM
Hey! I suggest u use box modeling or create a rectangle, convert it into a mesh and then proceed extruding the edges. I find that spline modeling sometimes gets very tedious and at some point of time you might have to strat from the scratch.
That's just MY view. I see that many ppl prefer spline, but after seeing your pic, I suggest the methods I mentioned above.

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By fusion of elements on Feb 14, 2005 04:19 PM
I would never attempt this sort of modelling with splines. I suggest using box modelling of nurbs, depending on what complexity you require for the final model. Splines are just far too complicated for what you are doing. Just take a look at how many splines you have!!!

However, if you are to use splines (for your homework) try doing the following:

1. Use the edit patch modifier instead of the surface modifier (it does the same job but has more functionality)

2. Use the show end result toggle so that you can see your surface while you move splines.

3. Start with as few splines as possible, and add detail later, rather than trying to add the detali early on. You are experiencing problems because you have too many splines and no idea of form yet

4. Use splines to form four sided polys only!

Hope this helps
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By D@rk LiNk on Mar 10, 2005 05:08 PM
You will have an insane work to complete this!! Surfacing from splines is the far most complicated form of modeling and not always produce the best results. I suggest you to delete everything and start low polygon modeling from a simple box. There's plenty of tutorials on the net how to to this.
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By tyree on Sep 17, 2007 06:55 PM
nurbs may be a better choice you can use 12 circles and make a head its extremely painless
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