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Making Max Run Faster. Help?

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Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By Evoken on May 22, 2002 07:33 PM
Im running Max 4.2 with 1Gcpu, 512ram,... As soon as one of my models gets just a little large or complex, max 4.2 slows down so much I cant continue. Anyone know how to make max run faster?
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By agelos on May 25, 2002 06:47 AM
I use Maya so i dont know about any technics about this matter for 3d max.But i know this.That even if you find the right technics(by deleting the history for example if there is something like that in 3d max) the home pc's like we usually use will always have problems with programs like maya or 3d max.I recently used G force 4 to make a simple scene with plants and i had the usual problems.No improvement at all.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By Baby_Face on May 27, 2002 05:05 AM
Its your graphics card that is going to have the greatest impact on the 'speed' in your view ports.  If, for example, your card has poor ram (16 or 32 meg say) your scene will 'slow down' quite alot, i have that prob cos my card is crap and has only 16 megs of ram, lol.  There is an option in the view port preferences i think, its in preferences somewhere.  This option lets you set the level of detail in your scene (or viewport) when you move an object or move the camera around the scene.  ie  the objects' detail is reduced only while you move the camera so that it doesnt stick or jump. You might have to set this detail level quite low, depending one your card etc.

CPU power and main RAM has more to do with rendering the scene.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By Nik_LG on Jun 18, 2002 01:02 AM
If you have a g-force 2 you could try this....not sure if it'll work on a 3 or 4...it doesn't mention them at all.
It does work, aparently.
Haven't tried it myself yet....
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By Local_Boy on Jun 18, 2002 09:22 AM
Hey Bim blah,
Paul is 100% correct.
You need a good graphics card in order to optimize handeling lots and lots of polygons.
So if you know or can find out what graphics card you have and let us know, we could help you out a bit more.

Aloha from Hawaii,
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By Takliel on Aug 18, 2002 06:30 PM
well, while you dont get a better graphics card you could try this,
use x-refs objects with the objects which have a lot of faces.
suppose you have a big palm with many leaves and holes in the trunk, you can use a x ref (like a cylinder) so this is what you can see in the viewports, the palm will appear when rendering,
i think this will work, cya.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By r2 on Nov 03, 2002 10:56 AM

Try to avoid such things as ex. meshsmooth or large scatters to be displayed until you render the  scene  ::)

Try keeping only one (if necessary) viewport to smooth the  objects  !

Try switching between Direct3D/OpenGL and see which one works better for you.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By canavan on Jan 05, 2003 11:18 AM
I am prolly beating a dead horse, but to say it again;
Direct 3d uses the graphics GPU for "previewing" your work on screen.  If you want to have really complexe stuff going down on screen you may want to invest in a GPU of the following type:
-Radeon Fire Gl x1 -$1000
-Wild Cat VP-$1200
-Nvidia Quadro 970 (  i think its 970) -$800ish
Also with the mesh smooth as they said above... keep the iteration down till you render... like put it at 1iteration and 1 smooth, and below where it says render settings.. maybe set it higher.


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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By W_Roberts on Feb 09, 2003 10:49 AM
I've always had problems getting any speed out of Max. Most of my work it done on a laptop, so I've had to tweek it a lot just get Max even to work.
One thing you can do is work as much as possible with wireframe viewports, disabling any that don't need a constant update.
Another thing is to disable the virtual frame buffer and render the scene to disk. This cuts my render time anywhere from 50 to 70%. After the render, you can "show last render" or use a seperate file viewer to check your scene.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By Biffajx on Mar 13, 2003 06:31 PM
is your system windows 2000 or xp?
in windows 2000  or xp 3dsmax will run in safer and faster.
but if you use windows xp, your computer will busier.
because the exquirment of windows xp is highter, you can use windows 2000.
except for the system, you can insert more memory chips in your computer.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By linus3d on May 12, 2003 06:43 AM
Actually, you might want to try running your system on 16-bit color mode. I use lightwave and my graphics card performs much faster under this setting rather than 32-bit color.
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
By kpavlov on Mar 27, 2004 02:45 AM
Forget about all advices except from the guy that told you about www.guru3d.com.
You'll find there everything you need.
First go to mall and buy Geforce4 Titanium with 128 MB of RAM, adleast.
Download new version of Rivatuner and read instructions how to modify your game card GF4 in profesional card Quadro 980 or something like that.
After that go to Nvidia site and download new Maxtreme drivers ( if you are using 3dsMax ), and install them.
For the price of 150$ maximum you will get profesional graphic card much faster than any game card of new generation like Radeon 9800 or GF FX.
I use 3dstudio Max and I did all that, it works, and my graphic card is so fast that I am thinking to buy slower one becouse I cant follow it.
Bye and good luck.
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By TheDude on May 28, 2004 09:34 AM
Here's a little trick I've learned with toying around with PC's and speed enhancement. It's cost effective and helps greatly. If you have an open channel on your IDE controller, do this:
-Find a small but fast (7,200 rpm) IDE hard drive 1.5-5 gigs of space is perfect.
-Hook it up to an IDE channel, more specifically, hook it up on the channel where the your main hard drive is not, for more speed, because IDE can only check one device per channle at a time, but if you have no choice but to connect both drives to the same channle, go for it.
-Obviously set this new drive up as a slave, or you'll have booting problems, if you don't know how to do this, there are 4 pairs of tiny prongs usually between the IDE connection with a jumper on one of them like the jumper up with the [SL] prongs, it's very tiny so don't drop it on the carpet, or you're going to lose it like a contact lense.
-Once you have this hard drive securely connected to a bracket and to the mother board, turn your PC on.
-Go into my computer and check if the disk is available, if you're running WIndows 2000 or XP or any version of windows that runs the NT kernel, then make sure the drive is formatted to NTFS for opitmal results, also make sure there is nothing saved on the drive and back up anything you need, and get it out of there.
-Now it gets a little tricky, right click your "My Computer" icon and break out the properties window, the default tab is what is already selected, we don't want this, click on the "Advanced Tab" and in this window go to Performance, and click settings.
-You now get a new window with performance options, now make sure you click "Adjust for Performance" thus getting rid of the Fisher Price look of the WIndows XP operating system and allowing more resources to be freed up.
-Now click your advanced tab in the "Performanc Options" window
-At the Bottom of this window you will see a section called "Virtual Memory", click the [Change] Button, you will see both of your hard drives and how much VM is used on each drive, select the drive you just installed.
-Click the "Custom Size" radio button and adjust accordingly. I belive 4400 is the largest amount you can select per any drive, this is why I said get a small drive, because you don't want to use this drive for anything else, not to mention smaller hard drives are more stable, but leave atleast 100 megs open so you don't get "Disk Memory Low" warnings from windows.
- What this does is makes a hard drive basically a huge windows paging file thus tricking your system into thinking you have that much ram on your system.
- I also recomend finding software and assigning this drive to have an 8k buffer to dramatically speed up results
-If you have scsi drives instead of IDE, you're going to love me even more, thought I have not tried this on scsi drives, in theory it would see and extreme jump in performance do to the fact tha IDE isn't the fasted transfer rate in the world, but it helps.
- This not only works in 3D max or any other 3d software ie Maya, Lightwave, blah blah blah, but it also increases performance in adobe software such as illustrator cs.
-if you have any questions or you see any flaws in this, feel free to reply.

-The Dude
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Re: Making Max Run Faster. Help? 
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