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modeling in max,help needed!

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modeling in max,help needed! 
By mons_erik on Feb 28, 2004 08:01 AM
OK! I`m trying to make this male character,but i wonder if this is a good or bad way to work?

I start by making some 2d poses of my character(front-side views) Then I add them to "planes" in 3d and start to model out the basic shape by extruding and editing the mesh to get the proportions right.

After all this i start to model out some detail,and fine tuning the mesh.  

I have started to add detail in the front and back of the upper body,and some on the arms.Im trying to make the mesh only quads,but its not easy. There is something caled "edge loops",but im not quite into that yeat,so if somone could explane this to me it would have been nice.
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Re: modeling in max,help needed! 
By vertex3d on Mar 14, 2004 01:02 PM
hi mons...
i think u get a good way for make a male character
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