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(Probably) Basic Modeling question, Please help.

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(Probably) Basic Modeling question, Please help. 
By SynapticCore on Aug 01, 2002 09:21 AM
Hey everyone.

I was just wondering, is there anyway you can say, create 2 different meshes in your 3D scene, then attach them together to make them just 1 mesh?  This would help me a lot as I always have to think of ways to make a loft shape exactly the shape i want, if i could work on individual pieces and put them together it would be really really great.  

thanx in advance
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Re: (Probably) Basic Modeling question, Please hel 
By ben_bryan80 on Aug 12, 2002 07:38 PM
Ok, so this how I took your question.

Make both of your meshes.  Lets say they were both square shaped.  Make sure they are both editable meshes.  Then click on one of the meshes and click attach, and then click on the mesh you wish to attach.  Ok so now you have one mesh, but you may want to join the seams of the originally 2 meshes.  

Delete the faces that are inside the joining parts, this will insure a nice clean mesh.  Now do a vert count (using your brain) to make sure that you have the same amount of verts on each joining face.  Then select 2 verts that look like they will want to join and then using scale scale them together until they occupy the same space.  Then weld them by clicking weld.  Do this until all verts are joined.  

To test if your mesh is of great goodness apply a meshsmooth modifier and there will be a smooth join between your mesh.

Hope this answers your question.

If this ins't what you wanted to know.  Well too bad :)


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