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Sub-Div Surfaces Modeling Newbie???

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Sub-Div Surfaces Modeling Newbie??? 
By webjockey on Feb 05, 2002 08:15 AM
I'm interested in starting to use sud-div surfaces in 3ds max 4 to model but I have one problem... I have no clue where to start. Can anyone suggest to me any good sud-div tutorials for max that would get me started.


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Re: Sub-Div Surfaces Modeling Newbie??? 
By Yanni_Mac on Feb 05, 2002 09:01 AM
I am pretty sure there is a good tutorial in the help/tutorial section of max if you have version 4.  If you dont know anything about it, start out with a box.  Then convert it to editable poly or mesh.  Shift/drag to create a copy, choose reference copy and position it to where you can see both of the boxes in your viewport.  Then add a meshsmooth modifier to the reference copy.  Put the smooth itereations at 1 or 2 in the meshmooth parameters.  Go back to the origional box without the meshmooth modifier and start playing around with it.  Move the vertices, cut some more edges, extrude polygons, etc.  While you change this box, the other smooth version will react to the changes and you can see how the subdiv surface reacts to changes.  It is actually a pretty simple concept.  It is just like polygon or mesh modeling except that the surfaces are smooth.  http://cube.phlatt.net/forums/spiraloid/ is a really good forum for subdiv, but it is not software specific (you cant ask questions about max there).
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